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A selection of the wide range of Advanced Motion Controls amplifiers

AMC Inc have one of the most comprehensive and technically superb ranges of servo drive amplifiers available: from low-cost rugged brushed and brushless servo drive amplifiers, to fully digitally-controlled servo drive amplifiers at high power ratings, AMC can offer all of these to suit OEM and End User requirements.

Custom designs for OEM applications are also available from AMC Inc.

Formats range from the miniature credit-card size Z Series amplifier at 20W up to 100A 400v 3 phase AC high-power amplifiers, and AMC Inc have an amplifier to suit all servo motor applications from DC Brushed to Rotary and Linear Servo Motors with a wide variety of industrial standard feedback device interfaces including tacho, hall-effect, incremental/Absolute encoders and Resolvers.

The digital ranges combine an intelligent input stage with a power amplifier, allowing motor control from Ethercat, CAN, MOD bus and RS232 communication protocols.

Servo Drives with Extended Environment Capabilities

Extended Environment products are designed to operate in harsh conditions including thermal and mechanical extremes. A wide selection of standard servo drives include digital and analog designs with a variety of power ranges and feature sets.

Any application that subjects the servo drive to environmental extremes should consider using our Extended Environment Servo Drives. Also, designs that operate in more docile conditions can also take advantage.

As an example, the ability of Extended Environment Servo Drives to operate at higher temperatures allows cooling systems such as heat sinks and fans to be reduced or completely eliminated, thus enabling engineers to make their designs more compact while maintaining or even improving overall reliability.

These Extended Environment Servo Drives can operate in Ambient Operating Temperatures from -40° to +85°C, withstand shocks of up to 15g and suitable for a range of MIL specification applications.

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