Series 30000 Vertical Lift Stage

Series 30000 Vertical Lift StageThe Series 30000 provides motorised lift of up to 30mm, to position components in the vertical Z axis. The elevator mechanism is a moving wedge design with cross roller bearings and a ground ballscrew actuator. The stage may be servo or stepping motor driven. Linear scale feedback is optional.

Optional Features

  • Linear Encoder
  • Brake
  • Manual drive with lock


Travel (mm) 30mm
Stage Load capacity (kg) 15
Stage Weight (kg) 5
Accuracy ± 3 microns with linear encoder
Resolution 1 drive shaft revolution = 0.7mm of Z travel
Materials Aluminium alloy and stainless steel
Finish Anodised and dyed black


Please see CAD drawing on the PDF linked below for full dimensions

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