The new Galil DMC-42×0

By | 8th October 2015

Galil have released a new high-end motion controller to their range and we have already successfully installed multiple systems using it, including a motion system using all eight available axes of servo control of the DMC-4280. The Galil DMC-42×0 series is part of the Accelera range of intelligent motion controllers and is available and supported in the UK exclusively via Motionlink Ltd.

Galil's DMC4280 Controller“The new DMC-42×0 controller is the latest addition to the Accelera family. The DMC-42×0 shares most firmware features with its counterpart the DMC-40×0, including servo update rates as high as 16 kHz and command processing as fast as 40 microseconds. The layout and connectors are identical to the prior generation DMC-2xx0 controllers (DMC-21×0 and DMC-22×0), making the DMC-42×0 ideal for those upgrading current systems. Users will be able to take advantage of the DMC-40×0 performance yet keep wiring, form factor, and other hardware intact.

“Compared to prior generation controllers, the DMC-42×0 offers blazing speed, including up to four times the update frequency, almost twice the encoder frequency input, and twice the output frequency for steppers. The program memory and available array elements on the DMC-42×0 is likewise doubled from the prior generation controllers.”

You can read more and see full specifications on Galil’s website.

Galil has also announced a new a new single-axis linear drive package, the DMC-3×014, and a new high power multi-axis servo drive, the 1200W AMP-43740.